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Most urban residents are renters who are forced to move often in cities where space always comes at a premium. Moving doesn’t have to be hassle and limited space doesn’t have to mean limited quality of life. Typical assembled furniture have short lifespans and are not easily reassembled. This leads to huge waste and huge headaches. GOGOFurniture is the solution that brings enhanced quality of life into smaller spaces and provides a portability perfect for people on the move.

Differ from the normal assembly furniture, GOGOFurniture uses moisture-proof birch  plywood combine with metal sheets to make the structures stronger and durable. Special certificated design let the furniture can be easily disassembled and reassembled. GOGOFurniture can be used not only in the bedroom, but also living room, kitchen and business space.


Clean lines and modern aesthetics allows it to be seen and unseen simultaneously- to create an atmosphere of clarity and comfort, one melting into the user’s experience.


Carefully crafted joints reduce and even eliminates the number of screws needed and greatly simplifies assembly.

Simple Assembly


Imported birch plywood which is strong, stable, practical and beautiful. 


High-quality steel made in Taiwan.


Components designed so that an entire room (8-pieces) can be taken by one car. 


GOGOFurniture uses high quality, durable materials, and a secure, strong design to extend its life and reduce waste.

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